Three Memories I Would Permanently Delete

One of the memories I would permanently want to delete is the time when my cousin accidentally scratched my back with a glass bangle as I grow up the scar moves closer towards my neck. I don’t know why she did it but it was something I could never forget even if I wanted to.

Another memory i could delete if i could would be the time when i got lost in a fair and i was terrified. I was on a ride called the super dipper when i saw fairy floss!!!!!!!!! I immediately got off the ride and made my way towards the fairy floss. To my surprise i didn’t see my family beside the counter I looked every where for them but they could not be found i was scared and nervous i screamed my mum’s and dad’s name out hoping they would hear. They didn’t i gave up and ate my fairy floss but just then i saw my family sitting there with an ice cream for me. I quickly hugged my parents and my brother.

The last memory i would delete is the time when i slept with my glass bangles on and when i woke up i was cut everywhere on my body (OK only on my hands)it still hurt


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